Rosy London Fog Latte with wild rose petals

This morning Sally Clarkson asked in my devotional: "God loves providing for you! How can you provide beauty or love or comfort to your family in the next twenty-four hours?" My mind blanked on what the answer was until later when my children and I all stood around the Breville milk frother with almond milk mustaches, licking the milk froth off the spoon. It may seem silly but it is our own kind of luxury, however small, to be sitting around together and sipping our tea with a pillowy cloud on top. A bit of beauty and a bit of comfort. And together? There's the love. What a blessing in these times. 

As Thorin once said in The Hobbit, "If more of valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." 

And so I bring you this recipe: Rosy London Fog with wild rose petals. 

Plus, it's dairy-free. Impossible, you might say. If you have been around the block with dairy-free milks, you know all of them are not created equal. It's impossible hard to find one without gums or additives that will actually froth well. Impossible no longer! Check out Elmhurst Almond Milk. It's only two ingredients - almonds and water - and is created with a special process unique to this brand leaving it smooth and completely, utterly froth-able. It froths well in the vitamix and the Breville Milk Cafe and Milk frother. I originally bought the Elmhurst almond milk from Winter Ridge in Sandpoint. I find so many good things there so please check them out if you are ever close to Sandpoint. I strongly encourage you to ask your local natural food store to see if they carry it or will carry it for you! You can also find the Elmhurst almond milk on amazon (and there is a coupon for 20% off right now on subscribe and save).

These might be just a few of my favorite things nowadays:

Plus, this mug, another new favorite, gifted to me by a dear friend for my birthday. It is also from a local Sandpoint store called La Chic Boutique. I love the shape and feel of it. Thank you Kat! I will enjoy it immensely.

At first, the almond milk pours then comes the foam (or you might need to spoon it out). Just take a gander at that froth:

Inspired by my sister who so lovingly gifted me this milk frother (thank you Alli!), this recipe features dried wild rose petals foraged from last spring that are brewed with Earl Grey tea to make a Rosy London Fog. Rose petals are one of my favorite herbs to add to herbal infusions and tea. They contain Vitamin C and iron. Plus, they impart a lovely floral note. I call them my "heart herb" as they heal and strengthen the heart both emotionally and physically.

The wild roses are furling their petals right now and are ready to pick! This last week we had a long uphill hike to a hidden, remote lake. My youngest and I nibbled on wild rose petals and cherries on the way up to our destination. We even used a couple petals as a makeshift bandage on a scratch my son acquired on said hike. 

Take a look at other Wild Rose recipe: Rose Petal Lemonade and A Rose is a Rose in Rose Petal Honey.

Extra tips for foraging wild roses:

1. Only pick the petals off the flower so it can still make rosehips come fall.

2. Pick late morning after dew has evaporated. It's also ok to pick throughout the day.

3. Dried rose petals can be stored for use throughout the year! As seen in this recipe.

If you are interested in foraging, be sure to come back soon for my foraging journal! And this is a great resource for checking out foraging books: How to Start A Foraging Library. There is a synopsis for each one. 

Wild Rose London Fog       (serves 1/ multiply per person)

1/2 cup almond milk (that will froth as specified above)

1 heaping teaspoon dried rose petals

1 bag Earl Grey tea or equal loose leaf Earl Grey tea *

1 tsp sugar or 1 spoonful honey * optional (I prefer mine unsweetened)

Boiled Water

*I like Numi Earl Grey tea.

1. Pour boil water over tea and rose petals. Cover. Let brew for 10 minutes. Then strain and add sweetener to your tea.

2. Pour almond milk in Breville milk frother (a vita mix also works well for frothing this milk). And set to 140 degrees (do NOT heat over 140 or your milk will scald and NOT froth - trust me, I've done this).

3. Pour frothed milk over tea. Enjoy!

Need some milk froth in your life? Try these two on for size:

I'd love to hear how you add comfort, beauty, and love to your day! Comment below your favorite ways and I'll share them on my instagram!


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