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Rosy London Fog Latte with wild rose petals

This morning Sally Clarkson asked in my devotional: "God loves providing for you! How can you provide beauty or love or comfort to your family in the next twenty-four hours?" My mind blanked on what the answer was until later when my children and I all stood around the Breville milk frother with almond milk mustaches, licking the milk froth off the spoon. It may seem silly but it is our own kind of luxury, however small, to be sitting around together and sipping our tea with a pillowy cloud on top. A bit of beauty and a bit of comfort. And together? There's the love. What a blessing in these times.  As Thorin once said in The Hobbit, "If more of valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."  And so I bring you this recipe: Rosy London Fog with wild rose petals.  Plus, it's dairy-free. Impossible, you might say. If you have been around the block with dairy-free milks, you know all of them are not created equal. It's  imp