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Unbelievable Blender Waffles

(gluten free, dairy free, nut free, egg free, processed sugar free) What if you could eat and enjoy a waffle that was healthy, sweetened only with fruits and high in protein? The word waffle can conjure up pictures of fluffy, golden pockets laden with syrup and butter or cardboard-tasting toaster waffles grabbed from the freezer. These blender waffles break all the barriers! They are free from eggs, gluten, dairy, nuts, and processed sugars. But they are still tasty and delicious while being golden and fluffy! Plus, they contain a secret ingredient… chickpeas! Uncooked and soaked chickpeas or garbanzo beans bulk up this blender waffle recipe. It may sound weird but you’d never know when you eat them! Blender waffles were a turning point for me. Utilizing whole grains doesn’t have to be hard when you have a blender around! I was introduced to this concept 8 years ago by my lovely sister who always inspires my health. The first time I made blender waffles, my one year old ate