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Chocolate Cayenne Waffles with Rosy Chocolate Drizzle

Spicy and warm, these chocolate waffles are made with oats and raw cacao powder with just a pinch of cayenne. The prep for these waffles takes only a couple of minutes as you throw all the ingredients in the blender (no dirty bowl and you can still lick the spatula)! Overall, they are vegan, plant-based, and gluten-free. But there is no compromise on the taste! Enjoy! { Pin this recipe }  For rosewater, I like to use either of these two options: Essence of Rose Petals by North American Herb & Spice or Rosewater by Cortas (you can usually find these in ethnic food supply stores). You can also make your own rosewater which I'll be talking about in a couple of days! Looking for a healthier option for Valentine's Day? This would make a great brunch option! Plus, it makes enough for two! If you don't have a high-speed blender, you can grind your oats in a food processor then mix all ingredients in a bowl.  Chocolate Cayenne Waffles (makes 4 smaller waffles) 1 cup milk of