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Foraging Rules: the 4 Knows

When you start foraging, you want to be smart and safe! Here are my Foraging Rules. I call them my "4 Knows" - not no but as in "I know something." 1. Know the Plant - use atleast 3 sources. Be 100% certain of a plant before using it. Know the poisonous lookalikes if any. 2. Know the land - is it safe to pick from? Has it been sprayed? Plants draw nutrients from the soil so don't pick anywhere with heavy metals. Do you need to ask an owner?  3. Know the ecosystem - You are part of a larger whole. Be respectful and leave some for others. 4. Know your purpose - Don't take more than you need and listen to your body. These 4 rules are in my Foraging Journal available on amazon here along with sections to record plant profiles, recipes, calendar and even a foraging bucket list. 

Plant Profile Goldenrod

For the Foraging Journal entry today, we are going to cover Goldenrod. It is surprisingly obscure in the herbalism world for how easily it grows. The beautiful rods of gold shine through in late summer and early Autumn. I've bolded the sections that are in my Foraging Journal and I'm going to guide you through what to fill out. I would suggest writing what is pertinent to you in your own words, not word for word. This will help you recall information and helps your brain remember important information. I also suggest reading other sources - A Forager's Library is a terrific list of resources.  You can read more about my Foraging Journal  here.   Before we begin, this post is not meant to diagnose or prescribe. Please do your own research thoroughly and take into consideration your own health. Don't eat or use something if you don't know what it is. Forage responsibly. Latin name: Solidago spp.  What is Goldenrod's Latin name? Solidago is the genus. The "