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3 Ways to Drink Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup isn’t just for immunity shots when you are sick! Consuming elderberry can help boost your immunity and give you vital nutrients any day of the year. Elderberry has much to offer, particularly through the cold months (months both actually cold and plagued with the cold sickness). There are many ways to consume elderberries and often, the easiest is elderberry syrup (you can make your own elderberry syrup - recipe here ). Below are three ways to drink elderberry syrup. These are three delicious recipes you can tailor to your needs. Just drinking elderberry syrup is beneficial but combining it with other herbs can increase its effectiveness! Not sure about what elderberry to use? I make my own so I can control what goes in - I prefer just elderberries and honey! You can find my recipe here . If you are looking for a natural version Sweet's Syrups is a great brand to try. A woman owned business pumping out amazing elderberry syrup? She's one  to support and the pro