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Creamy Vegan Chocolate Custard (no bake!)

My daughter and I made this chocolate custard one evening to bring to a friend’s the following evening. The next morning, my daughter’s bright face came down the stairs excitedly declaring, “Chocolate custard for breakfast!” I covered my laugh and reminded her we made it for dessert that night. No chocolate for breakfast. She replied, “It’s no fun when you can’t eat chocolate custard for breakfast.” No fun indeed! This creamy chocolate custard is rich while still being light and smooth. The perfect dessert for any holiday or gathering… or breakfast, if you prefer. A recipe is a winner when it pleases both the pickiest eater and the gourmet taster. This creamy chocolate custard is a hit with both! It’s so amazing that they’ll never know it’s vegan! Just a little maple syrup sweetens this delicious custard. Coconut milk, cashews and chocolate chips create the creaminess. Although, if you are inclined towards the raw, I have made a second recipe I will include in

Cilantro Bone Broth Latte

What is a savory bone broth latte? Something magical happens when you combine coconut milk and bone broth with herbs in the blender! A frothy concoction not unlike a creamy bisque (but thankfully without the overload of calories). Savory bone broth lattes are paleo and keto-friendly, if you are following (or semi-following) that lifestyle. My cilantro bone broth latte is filling but not heavy. This recipe is also dense in nutrients without overloading your system. Bone broth is a great source of collagen and protein. Herbs are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. Savory bone broth lattes can work as a snack but are also a great addition to your meal! I often imbibe on this cilantro bone broth latte as a light dinner or tide-me-over. Plus, they are quick, easy and absolutely delicious! I have friends who come over and request this drink now while we visit. What are cilantro’s benefits? Using herbs can add lots of flavor without the calories. Cilantro is a grea