Cilantro Bone Broth Latte

What is a savory bone broth latte?
Something magical happens when you combine coconut milk and bone broth with herbs in the blender! A frothy concoction not unlike a creamy bisque (but thankfully without the overload of calories).
Savory bone broth lattes are paleo and keto-friendly, if you are following (or semi-following) that lifestyle. My cilantro bone broth latte is filling but not heavy. This recipe is also dense in nutrients without overloading your system. Bone broth is a great source of collagen and protein. Herbs are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants.
Savory bone broth lattes can work as a snack but are also a great addition to your meal! I often imbibe on this cilantro bone broth latte as a light dinner or tide-me-over. Plus, they are quick, easy and absolutely delicious! I have friends who come over and request this drink now while we visit.

What are cilantro’s benefits?
Using herbs can add lots of flavor without the calories. Cilantro is a great example! This recipe uses about half a cup of cilantro. Half a cup of cilantro is only 2 calories and has 10% of your daily Vitamin A needs. Cilantro is a powerful addition to any meal – it helps rid your body of heavy metals. It attaches to those toxic metals and ushers them through your body. Also, cilantro is an antimicrobial herb which means it helps the body destroy or resist pathogens. Cilantro is also full of different antioxidants.

Can cilantro help you loose weight?
Have you ever seen those diagrams that say “eat this, not that”? Herbs including cilantro can help you loose weight if you choose those items instead of overly processed food. Think flavor! Eat herbs, not msg or other additives. Will you experience weight loss if you just add cilantro to your normal diet? Likely not. But it can be a wonderful addition to aid a healthier lifestyle.

What do you store bone broth in?
Here’s a tip for you! When storing bone broth, use wide mouth jars like these! Wide mouth jars make it easier to get the bone broth in and out (especially once it sets as gelatin in the fridge). For soups, I use large mason jars like these quart sized jars or recycled glass jars (empty marinara sauce jars are a great size to store bone broth for soup and make it easy to share with friends). I always reserve bone broth in these smaller 16 oz wide-mouthed jars to make my cilantro bone broth latte. It’s nice to have it already portioned out! Always store bone broth in glass containers! Putting hot/warm foods in plastic makes the plastic leach chemicals faster.

If you are vegan, you are welcome to make this with vegetable broth. It will be just as tasty but won’t have the added protein!

Cilantro Bone Broth Latte

A creamy, paleo savory bone broth latte full of flavor and nutrients but light on calories. A good dose of protein as well! 

Total Time
5 mins

Keyword: bone broth, bone broth latte, cilantro, dairyfree, ketofriendly, paleo soup, paleo,, savory, soup Servings: 1 Calories: 162kcal Author: Apothecary Mary
2 tbsp coconut milk full-fat, canned
1 1/2 cup bone broth
1/2 cup cilantro
Heat all ingredients on stove.
Blend all ingredients in blender. Enjoy!

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