Homemade Gluten-Free Pasta (2 ingredients)

Have you ever had fresh pasta? This recipe is homemade gluten-free pasta with only 2 ingredients. Don't let the dry gluten-free pasta alternatives get you down! These buttery noodles (without the butter) are the real deal. Hearty and just the right amount of chew. Plus, you feel like a kitchen wizard when you twirl the fresh noodles around your hand. 

Did I mention only 2 ingredients? If that's not magic, then I don't know what is. 
2 ingredients, Mary? Yes, two. All you need is Snacktivist Flour Blend and eggs! I like simple recipes that utilize the freshest and the best ingredients. 
Gluten-free products often focus solely on what they can NOT include but not Snacktivist Foods. Here is their mantra: "It is what we put in our products that is exceptional, not what we leave out". 
Snacktivist Foods utilizes ancient grains like Idaho grown teff, sorghum, and millet. They are a family owned and run business in my hometown Coeur d'Alene! You can check them out on th…

A Forager's Library

It is said books are an uniquely portable magic. Books definitely add to the magic that is foraging. It is important as a forager to curate a library that is both invigorating and accessible, informational and inspiring. Fortunately for you, there are many great foraging books to be had! I started a list of great foraging books for you! Feel free to comment with any favorites I've missed. 

My absolute favorite (and first) foraging book is Wild Edibles: A Practical Guide to Foraging by Sergei Boutenko. This author has a passion for helping you identify a long list of easily attainable wild edibles. With clear photos and straightforward data, this book is easy to take along or devour over a green smoothie (preferably with chickweed). Some interesting, mostly raw recipes in the back! 
My next favorite is Wild Remedies: How to Forage Healing Foods and Craft Your Own Herbal Medicine by Rosalee de la Foret and Emily Han. This book covers over 25 plants throughout the seasons from spring t…

Rose Petal Lemonade

Foraging is magical in itself. It starts simply - with an act of observation. It is often a grasping of fortune (plants don't always play by our daily calendar). It is also a follow through of intention - taking only what you need and doing something with it.
Foraging for rose petal lemonade was certainly a grasping of fortune last week. I had observed wintered rose bushes on a previous early spring adventure, the dried brown rose hips and it's thorns almost indistinguishable from the surrounding dead growth. Spring was just showing face then. I had checked again for signs of life a few weeks ago and although there were no rose buds, there was lively green foliage to give me hope. How excited I was to have my sister text me a picture of her wild rose petals last week! I texted her some ideas (including this cold infusion / rose petal lemonade) on what to do with them and later that day while we were in town, made for the wild area where I spotted the original rose bushes.