The Best Places to Buy Herbs

If you can't forage or grow the herbs yourself, there are many places that have high quality herbs! This is a list of the best places to buy herbs. It's nice to have options especially if one herb is out of stock at one place!

1. Local Natural Food Market - A lot of natural food markets have herbs in bulk. Sometimes markets don't go through certain herbs as quickly. You can do a sniff check and see if it smells vibrant. If the smell is dull or dusty smelling (depending on the herb), opt for somewhere else.

2. Local Farms and Farmer's Markets - Let's start local. Often herbs can be purchased from the actual growers here. This is a prime spot to make good relationships for obtaining herbs in the future!

3. Mountain Rose Herbs - This place is one of my absolute favorites. Their essential oils are high quality as well so I feel like it's almost my one-stop shop for all things remedies! Their catalogue, website, and social media pages are loaded with recipes and helpful information. They are certainly passionate about what they do and their passion to educate is infectious!

A little bit about Mountain Rose Herbs taken from their site: "Mountain Rose Herbs is an American grower, processor, distributor, and retailer of herbs, spices, teas, essential oils and DIY ingredients used in herbalism. Founded in 1987, the company is based in Eugene, Oregon. Mountain Rose Herbs is known for organic, sustainably sourced, and wild harvested products."

4. Mountain Maus Remedies - I found Mountain Maus when I needed a bulk amount of different floral herbs. The owner was very helpful and accommodating. Everything I've ever bought from there was amazing quality. I love that they use companion plants instead of pesticides and manure from their own animals. I have not used their essential oils but plan to! Based in Elba, Washington.

A Little Bit about Mountain Maus Remedies taken from their site: "Our herbs are all grown organically, cultivated without the use of pesticides, fertilized with organic manure from our own chickens, rabbits and little kinder goats, and the water used is from our private well which is sustained by the Nisqually River."

5. This link is specifically for elderberries. If you want to source elderberries, I would suggest Sweet's Elderberries. Sweet's Elderberries is a woman-run business that have their "elderberries are sourced from carefully selected sustainable organic farms in Europe". Use code MARY10 for 10 percent off. 

If I can't forage or grow the herb myself. I turn to the above three companies along with going to local farmer's markets and natural food markets. These are all my favorite places to buy herbs. What are yours?

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