Around the World Tea Party

Hello, welcome to Around the World Tea Party! You're right on time. I originally created this for my kids but am happy to share it with everyone! It's a great way to "visit" countries and learn about their culture via their favorite cup of tea. This tea party is a great homeschool or after school activity. It does require "visiting" those countries via youtube and finding them on a map. Tea is optional but certainly makes the experience much more enjoyable.

For those who are in Tech Trep Academy, This Around the World Tea Party meets the Global Perspectives power learning goal or "PLG". Turn in the finished map with tea ornaments as the work sample and have your child dictate to your what they learned. There are also discussion questions at the the end of the post to stimulate conversation. 

Instructions for the tea party are below. 

Here is a lovely photo from my friend Janelle of the map and tea with her children:

Around the World Tea Party Ornament Page:

This is the tea ornament page for Around the World Tea Party. Click on it and save to print.

Before beginning Around the World Tea Party:

1. Print off map from National Geographic (link here) and put it together (or use another map).
2. Print off above tea ornaments above and cut out each circle (kids can color the teas while you watch the videos).
3. Procure and brew all your teas. * List of teas below.
4. Pull up a computer or phone and select this playlist. Settle in to watch and learn!
5. As we learn about the tea, color then place the ornament on your map. 
*Some families have split the videos over several days and watched only a couple of the tea videos/ "visited" the countries in one sitting. Alternatively, you can brew them before each video but I prefer to get it all done at once. 

Here are the teas you'll meet for the Around the World Tea Party:

You likely have a few of these hanging out in your tea cabinet. A lot of the teas can also be found at your local grocery store. All of these can be found at Mountain Rose Herbs if you are interested in bulk. Here is the list and a few links:

If money is an issue, I would suggest trying a black or green tea and one mint for Morocco. If caffeine is an issue, the herbal teas are indicated with * after.

Green Tea - China 
Matcha - Japan
Chai Tea (or herbal chai recipe *) - India
Mint Tea * - Morocco
Rooibos Tea * - South Africa
Agua de Jamaica / Hibiscus herbal tea * - Mexico
Boston Tea Party/ Liberty tea (early American history) - chamomile or raspberry leaf tea *. You can also check out this blog post What is Liberty Tea? .
Sweet Tea - Southern states
Yerba Mate - South America
Thai Iced Tea - Thailand ~ I couldn't find a video on this but here is a great recipe from Simply Suwanee.

Also 20% off teas at Mountain Rose Herbs until supplies last or 8/31/21. All these teas (or herbs) listed above are available in bulk at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Discussion Questions for Around the World Tea Party:

1. What tea was your favorite to try?
2. Which was your least favorite?
3. How does drinking tea help us to learn about other countries?
3. What did you find most interesting about (the whole presentation, an individual country, etc)?
4. If you could get on an airplane tomorrow and fly any of the countries we just learned about, where would you go and why? 

*** For an advanced project, have them research (parent supervision) another tea from around the world like Jasmine Green, Gunpowder tea, Russian tea, or Earl Grey.

Video playlist for Around the World Tea Party:

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