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Around the World Tea Party

 This is the tea ornament page for Around the World Tea Party. Click on it and save to print.

Herbal Masala Chai Concentrate

Masala chai is a decoction (long-term simmering infusion) of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, clove, star anise and cloves usually with black tea in water  or milk over the stove or fire. The spicy tea originated in India where there are plenty of chai vendors (instead of the plethora of coffee stands like in the U.S.). Traditional chai is served in earthen ceramic mugs and is called "masala chai".  Besides being delicious, chai is also a multi-tasker. The ginger helps to increase circulation and aid in digestion (great for nausea) as well as being detoxifying. Cloves can help relieve stomach or tooth pain and strengthen the immune system, killing intestinal parasites. Cardamom helps relieve gas and and can be soothing for bronchial problems. Cinnamon also aids digestion when stagnant and can be great for indigestion and cramping (nursing mothers be careful of cinnamon because it can be a culprit of acid reflux in babies). It can also help fight fungal, bacterial, and parasiti