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Need a Foraging Present?

Need a foraging present? I have you covered! Here are a couple great ideas! Foraging Books make great gifts for Foragers! Books like Wild Remedies by Rosalee de la Foret and Emily Han, Wild Edibles by Sergei Boutenko, Foraging With Kids by Adele Nozedar and Incredible Wild Edibles by Samuel Thayer are all great foraging books!  Foraging Class from The Herbal Academy This is another great gift for beginning or intermediate foragers from the Herbal Academy !      Foraging Journal I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my Foraging Journal ! This is a terrific gift for foragers with plenty of places to record specific plant information, maps, calendars, and recipes. These would be perfect paired with a foraging guide (like the ones listed above) and scissors like the ones below. Plus, I made it. Besitos! Foraging Scissors These sleek cottage shears from Irewolf are perfect for trimming off rosehips or fir branches. I always tuck these into my foraging basket! Photo courtesy of Ire

A Simply Delightful Christmas Homeschool

A simply delightful Christmas homeschool starts with intention and ends with the atmosphere. It is not baubles or new Christmas unit studies (although those can be delightful and perfect in different seasons!). For our homeschool this year, having a simply delightful Christmas homeschool looks like changing up our morning time to reflect the season, adding a new book about the names of Jesus, reading rich stories, and picking a few activities and traditions to enjoy while still doing math.  { Pin this } To create a simply delightful Christmas atmosphere in your homeschool, here are some questions to inspire you and set the intention: 1. What is God laying on my heart to focus on this season? 2. What do we want our family to remember about this Christmas season? Don't forget to schedule that! 3. Do we need a break from school or to be consistent?  4. When do we want to start our festivities or celebrating? December 1st? Or the last two weeks in December? Or the last week? I hope the