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DIY Pine Resin Paint

The weather is getting warmer, spring beckons, and so time out of doors multiplies! Painting with pine resin paint is a great activity for young or old alike (kids not necessary) to embrace foraging, nature, and that often coveted outside time. In fact, I'd encourage you to do it outside to minimize mess! The pine resin acts like a natural glue and thickener, taking this water and charcoal mixture to a more appropriate painting consistency. Kids will love helping you with this activity. And having the ability to paint with their own homemade paint? That's a win, in everyone's book.  To further enrich your learning and understanding of art, I'd suggest reading the beginning and the section on black/monochrome of this book The Brilliant History of Color in Art by Victoria Finlay.  For the charcoal powder, I used activated charcoal powder ( like this one here ) because that's what I had on hand. However, you could grind up cooled soot leftover from a fire if needed (m