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Rose Petal Lemonade

Foraging is magical in itself. It starts simply - with an act of observation. It is often a grasping of fortune (plants don't always play by our daily calendar). It is also a follow through of intention - taking only what you need and doing something with it. Foraging for rose petal lemonade was certainly a grasping of fortune last week. I had observed wintered rose bushes on a previous early spring adventure, the dried brown rose hips and it's thorns almost indistinguishable from the surrounding dead growth. Spring was just showing face then. I had checked again for signs of life a few weeks ago and although there were no rose buds, there was lively green foliage to give me hope. How excited I was to have my sister text me a picture of her wild rose petals last week! I texted her some ideas (including this cold infusion / rose petal lemonade) on what to do with them and later that day while we were in town, made for the wild area where I spotted the original rose bushes. Indee