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Elderberry Syrup

These jewels of a berry are quite the catch. Tasty, delicious and immune boosting when cooked! The berries are antiviral and immune stimulating. This plant is technically a shrub but they get quite large (upwards of 30 feet). Elder is found all over temperate North America. There seems to be an abundance in the wild so let’s keep it that way! Tips for Foraging Elderberries: 1. Gather away from the road or high traffic areas. Find shrubs that are off the beaten path (not close to roads where they can have pollution on them). 2. Treat with care! And leave plenty for the birds (or other creatures) and other gatherers as they use these as a source of food too! 3. Don’t consume it if you can’t confirm it’s an elderberry! 4. Don’t consume the leaves or red twigs of the elderberry. 5. Cook the berries – raw berries can cause digestive upset. How to know the difference between elderberries: There are black elderberries and blue elderberries. Blue elderberries h