Foraging Journal now available!

Hello fellow foragers! I'm so excited to announce my Foraging Journal is now available to order!

Have you found yourself researching plants only to forget it later on? Or perhaps out exploring only to forget a name or harvest technique? I created this Foraging Journal for you! It is created for you to document and retain information about plants. 

I will be creating a video on how I use my Foraging Journal and ways to fill out so please stay tuned and sign up for emails if you are interested in that. For now, you can order your Foraging Journal here. This is NOT an identification guide but a journal. 

About the journal:

This is an easy-to-use, simple journal to keep track of what you are foraging in a warm and welcoming format. Since it's proven that we retain more information when we write it down, there are places to record plant information, foraging trips, and delicious recipes so you can always remember what you already learned. There are also places to draw out maps, list foraging goals, and document seasonal plans. Whether you are new to foraging or an experienced forager who wants to keep better records and organize their thoughts, this journal is perfect for you.

This is NOT an identification guide. It is a journal for you the owner to fill out. Just as we are all unique, each foraging journey is unique and this journal is for you to fill out your own experiences and research you found pertinent. Please use additional identification guides or books to help you! For additional books, check out my post A Forager's Library.

Are you interested in a foraging class? Try the Foraging Course by the Herbal Academy. I'm currently taking their Botany and Wildcrafting Course

Enroll in The Foraging Course this season for only $39! 



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