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Soothing Hot Carob Chocolate

After a traipse through white curtains of snow, noses and ears pink, I have found nothing thaws our cold bodies like my soothing hot carob chocolate. There is always a sort of urgency as the hot chocolate warms on the stove. Damp snow clothes are thrown in to the dryer and icy, little fingers tug at my sweater as I whisk the myriad of browns and creams. All our fingers ache to wrap around a warm mug of this soul-fetching elixir. It is a treat. But, it is also nourishment. Built with the best ingredients, this soothing hot carob chocolate can be enjoyed even while one is sick. It includes roasted carob powder, cacao powder, marshmallow root powder, collagen, honey and unsweetened almond milk. What is carob? Carob cames from carob tree pods (Ceratonia siliqua). Carob is touted as a “healthier” chocolate replacement because it does NOT contain the stimulants caffeine or theobromine. Overall, these stimulants aren’t considered harmful unless someone is sensitive to s