A Rose is A Rose in Rose Petal Honey

In the herbalist world, rosehips get all the spotlight. Rosehips are the fruit of the plant, available in late fall or winter. But in summer, you can still partake in roses! After searching through six of my herbalism books, I finally found rose petals in two foraging books. Why is there a shortage of information? Fresh rose petals have so much to offer! We are nearing the end of rose petal season, but you can still enjoy their delicious beauty before rosehips are here!

Wild or domestic, a rose is a rose is a rose! Roses from your rose garden are technically edible as long as you don’t spray them! Remember, even in your own garden, to leave some alone (then, come fall, you can have rosehips too).

What can rose offer?

Roses are a heart herb. They heal both emotionally and physically (licked rose petals make the best natural band-aid). Rose petals and buds are a great source of iron and Vitamin C. If you are looking for a refreshing drink, try sprinkling their petals in ice water. Or for some color, try adding them to salad. Not surprisingly and quite deliciously, they taste like rosy lettuce. Plus, the salad gets a new haut look!
A rose by any other name may smell as sweet but possibly taste different. Dried rose petals will have more concentrated benefits and will therefore taste a little more astringent than fresh. Use less dried herbs than you would fresh. If you find dried rosebuds, you can add those to hot water for tea. No need to strain as they continue to look pretty floating in the cup! Dried rosebuds tend to have a little more delicate flavor than dried rose petals – I love, use and have both but if I had to choose between rosebuds and rose petals, I would most likely choose buds.
The best way I have found to preserve the fresh rose flavor is rose petal honey. You layer fresh rose petals with honey for atleast a week then spread, as is, on toast & scones or mix into dressings for a spin on honey mustard or mustard chicken. Plus, rose petal honey is an amazing soother for sore throats!
Use raw, local honey for the best medicinal benefit!

Rose Petal Honey is only two ingredients!
Fresh rose petals
Raw honey
1 Pick the rose petals on a dry, sunny day to prevent mold. Let them air dry for an hour if wet.
2  Chop petals a little.
3  Add to clean jar. Pour honey on top. Stir with clean chopstick (try not to lick fingers).
4 Let sit for a week. Enjoy!

The roses will be soft and almost translucent in the honey. They impart their flavor to the honey! No need to strain. The petals are also edible!


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