Nature Walk Autumn Bingo

This past week, we went to see the Kokanee spawning in Trestle Creek for a field trip. I was so pleased (and relieved) the Kokanee were still swimming upstream to spawn! I was afraid we missed them for another year in a row. There was one particular mass of Kokanee that struggled against the current, fighting their way to produce another generation of Kokanee salmon. What a visual treat!

I created this autumn scavenger bingo hunt worksheet to use on our field trip. When the kids got a bingo (or five in a row), they got "Kokanee" fish gummies (really Swedish fish procured from our local pantry store but Wholesome has Delishfish gummy candies that are free of synthetic sweeteners and HFCS). The addition of candy was definitely a motivator for the older kids!

That's just one way to use the bingo hunt worksheet! You can also take it with you on hikes or nature walks, for a Sunday drive, or to a picnic at the beach. No gummy candies needed!


***Think of the blank spaces like a mini version of a nature journal. It is a space for you to write or draw something else you observed in nature.

Please print and use with only your family. I would love to see how you use this bingo hunt! Feel free to tag me on instagram if you share it. @apothecarymary

I am the creator of these graphics. Please do not reproduce these images or try to sell them. If you agree to that, here is the link to download the Nature Walk Autumn Bingo.

Also, since the autumn bingo mentions elderberries, here is a blog post to help identify elderberries and make your own elderberry syrup. 

If you would also like to ogle those vibrant red fish, here is a blurry photo of the Kokanee Salmon spawning. I'm so intrigued that they transform from silver to bright red! Also, if you are lucky enough to see this firsthand, please do not touch or grab the fish. They are in the end of their life cycle and spawning eggs. We want nature to do its thing!

And one from the phone:


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