Matcha Frappe under 100 calories

Need a refreshing pick-me-up drink that also won’t break the calorie bank? Want a drink that creates its own (dairy-free) whipped cream? Want something that won’t leave you with caffeine jitters or post-high slump? Then you came to the right place! This Matcha Frappe is only under 100 calories and contains amazing matcha!

How can drinking matcha help you?
Drinking matcha gives your body the whole green tea leaf, not just an infusion like green tea. Matcha will give you more antioxidants, at least six times more than eating chocolate and over 100x more than drinking regular green tea. It also contains more L-theanine which actually helps boost alpha brain waves and body relaxation at the same time. It lowers the stress hormone corticosterone (which can interfere with memory or learning). So, it helps your body reduce anxiety and stress while increasing focus and relaxation at the same time. Matcha can also help boost your metabolism and perhaps lower fat accumulation.

Which matcha should I choose?
Some say matcha is an acquired taste (I never seemed to have that problem). Look for a bright color! Like this ceremonial grade matcha here Ceremonial Matcha



Will making my own drinks cut down on calories?
Yes, making your own drink cuts down on the calories if you control what goes in it. No dyes or icky syrups. This matcha frappe recipe has almost 80 calories and 10 grams protein (you can get more protein by adding more collagen). While on the other hand, a tall Starbucks Green Tea Frappucino has over 320 calories and depending on the milk only 5 grams of protein, perhaps less.
I don’t normally count calories but for the most part, I do want the food I’m eating to count towards my health. Our bodies need only a certain amount of calories per day. I try not to drink most of my calories because those can often be empty, leaving my body over-saturated with sugar and not enough nutrients.

Mary, why is there no sugar in this recipe?
Sugar masks the taste of matcha. Plus, sugar in tea never seems like enough so I prefer to not have it at all (at least when it comes to matcha). The creaminess of the coconut milk makes up for it. Where you can’t have sugar, have healthy fat, right? Which would you rather have? Not that you have to choose! You are welcome to add a dash of maple syrup or honey or stevia.

This recipe has 10 grams of protein, thanks to a scoop of Vital Proteins collagen or Zint Collagen Peptides. You can add two scoops if you prefer more protein. The best place to buy vital proteins collagen is at Costco but it is available here on amazon as well.

Matcha Frappe under 100 calories

Skip the drive-thrus this summer and make your drinks at home! Your body and wallet will thank you. 

Servings: 1 person Calories: 80kcal Author: Apothecary Mary
1 cup water
1/2 cup ice
3/4 tsp matcha (more if desired)
1 scoop collagen
 • 1 tbsp canned coconut milk
Blend all ingredients in blender. Enjoy, sweet reader!
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