Whipped Herbal Coffee (caffeine free, dalgona style)

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a quarantined mom in possession of confined children must be in want of a good beverage (or two)".

If this is you, you came to the right place. I've got quite the treat for you today. It's caffeine-free so you can share (optional) with your kids so you don't have to hide in the closet from them while you enjoy your treat (unless you want to - we all need alone time, right?).

Dalgona coffee is a lovely whipped coffee. Think of a latte with frothy milk then reverse it. Now the milk is on the bottom and the sweet coffee on top is whipped and frothy. According to the web, Dalgona coffee started as a trend on tiktok that originated in China and was inspired or named after a Korean candy.

My first experience with Dalgona coffee was a photo. Scrolling through instagram, an image of this lusciously whipped coffee over milk popped up. Nothing like beautiful food to get the thumb to stop scrolling. My immediate thought was, "Can I do this with herbal coffee?" It turns out you can! You just need to whip it, whip it good!

For this whipped "dalgona" style coffee, you need instant coffee. It does not work with liquid coffee. For an herbal alternative, I chose one of my favorite coffee alternatives Dandy Blend: Instant Herbal Beverage with Dandelion (available in different sizes on amazon). I love that this instant herbal coffee can be served hot or cold. My kids love that they can have "coffee" too and they really enjoy the flavor. It's made from non-GMO plants - dandelion, chicory, barley, and rye. It does not contain sugar but has a natural sweetness. It's gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and vegetarian. It has no acidity and is completely caffeine free!

It does contain barley and rye which normally contains gluten but their website says "The grounds with all the water-insoluble substances, are composted. The gluten proteins do not dissolve in water and remain in the grounds which are composted.The water extract is spray dried. The resulting powder is Dandy Blend."

You can find Dandy Blend at your natural grocery store or on amazon here (affiliate link). 

Can you use less cane sugar? 
You can use less sugar but it won't whip as nicely or stay whipped.

Whipped Herbal Coffee

2 TB Dandy Blend or other instant coffee
1 TB organic cane sugar
2 TB boiling water
Milk of choice, I used unsweetened almond milk here

1. Add dandy blend, sugar and boiling water to a Pyrex container. 
2. Whip with one whisk on a hand mixer on high (or a stand mixer if you're feeling particularly boujee). This will take at least 5 minutes. Don't stop at 4! Keep going. Whip it. Whip it good.
3. Add ice to your glass and top three quarters of the way full with milk of choice
4. Spoon or pour the whipped coffee over the milk.
5. Enjoy, sweet readers!

No judgement here if you lick the glass! Trust me, you'll want to.

Waffles seen here are my Unbelievable Blender Waffles toasted.  You can find the recipe here

Meanwhile, if you are in need of some more dandelion, check out my Just Dandy shirt from Atomic Threads. Design by me. Every purchase through their Print It Forward campaign helps support small businesses like mine!


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